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Special Training Programs


  • Co-Creators of a New World – This is a truly wonderful program not found anywhere else. For those who may not be interested in a training program to become “Warriors” who want to challenge corruption and bring forth positive societal change in a more intensive manner, this program is excellent. Many beautiful souls are not drawn to “spiritual battles” but rather want to peacefully focus on painting, sculpting, music, architecture, science, working with nature, and coming up with new innovations for the future of mankind. We need such people, for they will help to co-create a New World. This program will offer them the training they need to pursue that path.    

  • Warriors of Light – This is a powerful training program to help young people become healthy, knowledgeable, strong, fearless, honorable, and “complete individuals” who will change their own lives in amazing ways, strive to serve others, and are prepared to overcome all obstacles and opposition in a noble effort to help build a “New World”. This training is beyond any other “leadership” and/or “self-improvement” training that is offered by others. That is not boasting but simply sharing the truth that nobody else is offering a program quite like this one. The Thrust of Light presentation Preparing the Future Leaders of the World is an excellent discussion, but even that is only the tip of the iceberg of the training delivered in this powerful program.


* * * NOTE * * *

  For those interested in such programs, please be aware that it will take at least an entire day to deliver the training. In fact, it could easily last for two or three days; that depends on what is requested.




  • Path to the Inner Power of Wholeness – Humbly, but Truthfully, there is no program anywhere in the world like this one! It is not so much a mere “training program” but rather a “Path for a New Life”. It is specially designed from scratch after decades of study, experience, and illumination. It is so comprehensive, that even trying to give a summary is extremely difficult. Every aspect of an individual is examined to assist in the process of Self-Perfectionment. Young people will be given vital tools to become more of their “True Selves” and be fully prepared for a life of Selfless Service and Enlightened Leadership in order to create a Revolution for the successful Reformation of Civilization. Again, there is no program ANYWHERE that of offers such valuable information and strategies! It will help young people to become truly great individuals, family members, and contributors to society. They will have the keys to be the kind of Leaders that people will speak about for centuries to come…and that history books will refer to as “Heroes of Humanity”. It is NOT hyperbole to say it will be Life-Changing!       


* * * NOTE * * *

 For those interested in such a program, please be aware that it is not ready to be delivered at present. The issues are regarding a location and a facility. A blueprint of how to run the program is ready, but it is still being worked out as to whether a program like this can even be delivered “on the road” or if it requires a training facility in one location that people will travel to and stay at. However, it felt important to share some information about this program now just in case people will be interested one day and can keep an eye out for updates. Until then, all the Presentations and the Warriors of Light program will give young people a glimpse of what this incredible program will be like.

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