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The Flaming Golden Spear

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“The idea of using a spear as the only image on the cover of this book is a very exciting one. We all know that the physical spear itself can be used as a weapon, of course, as it was in the old days. However, that is not why it was chosen for the cover of this book. Instead, it was chosen for its spiritual meaning; the spear represents light and illumination, and it has the power to pierce through ignorance and the darkness of the world. The spear on the cover is a ‘Flaming Spear of Illumination’ that is used as a ‘Thrust of Light’, which can pierce through the darkness in education and continue on throughout every other aspect of society.


The spear is yellow/gold in color, which is often used to represent understanding, illumination, and enlightenment. The flames around the spearhead are not red in color; instead, they are ruby. Most people think of pink when they imagine a color that represents love. However, the color ruby can be used to represent a divine love that is more intense than the ‘soft’ kind of love most people think about. It can, at times, be more stern and fiery than soft love if that is what is needed in order to help people transcend themselves and continue forward on their spiritual paths. The white light within the ruby flames represents purity of heart and the spiritual force behind the unconditional love that is being used to help mankind progress and reach greater heights of achievement. The smoke represents the ignorance and impurities within the world that are burned by the ruby flames.


It is also noticeable that the spear is specifically facing toward the lower-right corner of the book. The reason for having it face this particular direction is because according to the ‘Tree of Life’ in the Kabbalah teachings, light descends from the Creator in Spirit to mankind in Matter in a lightning bolt pattern. When looking at a picture that depicts this process, the first direction it descends through this lightning bolt pattern is on a downward angle and toward the right. This is why the spear on the cover is heading in that direction, for it is a thrust of light descending into education and society.


The angle at which the spear descends is also chosen for a specific reason. If measured, one will find that the spear is angled at approximately 128.2°. This is the slope of the Great Pyramid of Giza relative to the ground. It is the Spear of Illumination as a thrust of light that can help in creating true education and schools of excellence that will indeed support the natural development of all people to BE who they truly are, which is wonderfully symbolized within the sacred architecture of the Great Pyramid itself. In turn, people who are BEing their True Selves will be able to work together to build a world that has never been seen before and that will last throughout the ages…just like the Great Pyramid.”


Excerpt from “Description of the Book Cover” Thrust of Light: An Education Manifesto (2007)


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Great Pyramid - Proportions.png

The Great Pyramid of Giza

and Golden Proportion


Tree of Life w/ Lightning Flash


“While absorbing the sensations of the majesty of Mother Nature around them and going deeper and deeper into the peace of their own hearts, the wealthy woman sprang to her feet with childlike joy and proclaimed to the group, ‘I think that I have it! A golden spear with ruby flames that have a white fire core and smoke coming from the spearhead and rushing behind!


Her husband excitedly asked his wife, ‘Honey, would you like to explain the symbolism of such an image to us?’


She ecstatically answered, ‘Yes! For so long now, people have demonstrated some of their inhumanity toward their fellow Man through war. The spear is one of the oldest images of war, violence, and death. However, this mission that we are about to begin will be working to create a world full of wisdom, love, purity, truth, peace, and freedom for ALL mankind! So, it might be powerful to take an image once thought of as a symbol for violence and use it instead to promote the opposite. This golden spear would be a Spear of Illumination…a Spear of Truth! The ruby flames on the spearhead would symbolize Divine Love, and the white fire core of those ruby flames would symbolize purity of motive. After the ignorance of the world is pierced by the spear, the smoke would represent all of the impurities that would be ‘burned’ by the ruby and white flames of love and purity. The action of the Golden Spear of Illumination would be the necessary Thrust of Light into the Darkness of this world so that there will be The Reformation of Civilization Through a Revolution in Education! It would be a very simple image, but it could be extremely powerful!’  


The rest of the group all jumped to their feet and cheered! They loved the idea and congratulated her for having come up with it. They agreed that it could be a very powerful symbol.” 


Excerpt from “Three Couples Searching for Hope”Thrust of Light: The Reformation of Civilization Through a Revolution in Education (2011 & Revised Edition - 2019)

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