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REVISED EDITION – This book was re-edited and re-released in 2019; it was originally published in 2011. It discusses the potential for Man to experience a glorious future and live in a New Age of Love, Peace, Freedom, Joy, Abundance, and Enlightenment. However, there are many obstacles within society that are preventing such a magnificent dream from becoming a reality. The key to changing the world is to provide True Education to Man, and that includes the Sacred Science of Parenting. It is strongly recommended that people observe what is taking place within society and realize the importance of working together to build Schools of Excellence in every nation. These incredible schools will provide the type of education that mankind was intended to have so that people can become who they were truly meant to BE!

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The death of their mother as well as their father’s work as an archaeologist in the vicinity of the Great Pyramid made it necessary for two brothers, Andrew and Michael, to attend school in London. Some years later, the disappearance of their father caused their return to Egypt in search of him. Their journey was aided by a map and instructions left for them by their father. A dangerous, thrilling, and enlightening adventure awaited the boys, as they trekked across Egypt determined to discover “The Hidden City” with hope in their hearts of finding their beloved father. They had no idea what events would take place or what surprises they would encounter. Motivated by love and courage, they embarked on a journey that would test their bodies, minds and souls. It was a sacred experience that would achieve more than they could ever have imagined!

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Image by Mario Duguay

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