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Sacred Science of Parenting

Parenting is the single most important factor in the natural development of children everywhere in the world – past, present, and future. There are many other factors that also impact the lives of young people, positively and negatively, but none of them are as powerful as the way children are raised.


Children can be influenced to become the next “Great Leaders of Society” or the next “Lost Souls” who spend their lives in depression and despair. They can be selfless and serve humanity by giving their love to help create a better world, or they can be selfish and focus only on self-survival and taking whatever they can from the world.


This Thrust of Light presentation / training program is an excellent way for good men and women to learn powerful strategies for being the best parents that they can be. Ideas will be shared that, perhaps, they have never thought of before. In other cases, they may hear familiar ideas that are presented in a new and unique way. It is not an insult to parents to suggest ideas of how they can improve the manner in which they raise their children. No matter how well we all try to do things, we can always do better!  


Proper Parenting is absolutely vital to the remaking of our world, and we can see from the state of our world right now that we NEED to help parents better understand their Sacred Role in order for them to help prepare their children to become the Future Leaders that the world desperately NEEDS!

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