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As more and more people hear about Thrust of Light and its various activities, many of them may want to begin making important changes in their lives based upon its principles and ideas. People also appreciate having a support-network and may want to contact like-minded individuals. Therefore, it can be announced that Thrust of Light will be establishing international “Sacred Groups” – for university students and for adults. (A group for younger children may possibly be established one day as well, like the Boy & Girl Scouts, and based upon the Thrust of Light ideas.)   


University Students have many groups on campus that they can join (e.g., political, religious, fraternities/sororities, etc.) It would be wonderful for students to have a Thrust of Light group to join so that they can form strong relationships with others who also want to apply the Thrust of Light ideas for self-improvement, service to life, and the making of a better world. Perhaps, some may even want their own “house” and to begin their own version of a fraternity or sorority based upon the principles presented by Thrust of Light. A Name & Logo for a university group has already been created, but it cannot be revealed until an application for a trademark is filed – and that needs to be done to make sure that the Name & Logo are protected. When the required money is available, the process will immediately be set in motion.


Adults may also want to study and embody the ideas presented in the Thrust of Light material for their own sake, their children’s sake, and for the sake of anyone they choose to help in their service to the community. Many adults already belong to various groups or clubs, but some of them may like to belong to a Thrust of Light group that would be very unique and completely focused on self-improvement, service to life, and the making of a better world just like university students. Thrust of Light has a multifold mission – defending the youth and preparing people to become leaders in society are a part of it. Forming an adult group will assist them in self-development and establishing contact with other adults who are willing to work together for the greater good of the youth and society. A Name & Logo for an adult group has also been created, but it cannot be revealed yet for the same reason as the Name & Logo for the university group.      

God Speed - 1900.jpg

God Speed – Edmund Blair Leighton (1900)

The Charity of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

The Charity of St. Elizabeth of Hungary – Leighton (1915)

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