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Andre Rieu - The Second WaltzDmitri Shostakovich
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Keynote for Thrust of Light

So many young people are living in chaos, depression, and hopelessness. They cannot see any way of filling the void within their lives and will often turn to unhealthy and/or self-destructive behaviors in order to “feel good”. They long for a sense of true joy, but very little within society can help them to find it. Far too many of them are trapped in a world of unreality and sadness, which then makes them angry and resentful. The only way out of this misery is through “joy”, and that is what Thrust of Light is all about – helping young people through Love and Joy so that they can live the wonderful lives that God envisioned for All of His Children.


Along with the ideas and assistance that can be provided to the youth, there is also great power in music. Young people like music, but most of it does not actually improve their “inner world” or their outer situations. Of all genres of music, waltzes are the most joyful. They are beautiful, smooth, have a feeling of freedom to them, and make people feel amazing, which is why they like dancing to it. This music has elements that affect our souls and helps people to feel joyful.


It is known by some people that waltzes were originally created through Divine Inspiration to help mankind unite the soul with the Spirit of God and to also help balance the Spiritual Flame that we have within our hearts. As a result, they make our souls feel elated and fill our hearts with Light! They embody the qualities of Love, Joy, Freedom, Peace, and Harmony. Listening to the many beautiful waltzes would help anyone to feel better, especially the precious youth.


Therefore, Thrust of Light has chosen one waltz, in particular, to be its “keynote” or “anthem”. This song perfectly represents what waltzes can achieve in benefitting our souls in a general way, but it even more specifically represents what Thrust of Light is all about. This song is called “The Second Waltz” by Dmitri Shostakovich.        

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