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This particular tab is meant to share a few pieces of writing that visitors to the Thrust of Light website may find interesting. It is natural that anyone curious or supportive of this Mission would want to better understand the thoughts of its Founder. Hopefully, it demonstrates that the Founder has maintained certain core principles for many years – much earlier than the writings presented. It is important for people to know that a person is not a hypocrite and may be “flexible” in order to adjust to situations and overcome obstacles but does not “flip-flop” when it comes to taking a stand for important issues.


Although some of the writings in this section of the website were written a number of years ago and discuss topics that are no longer taking place, the issues at the core of the situations are actually still relevant today. This is precisely what Thrust of Light hopes to address. And that is why it is of the utmost importance to provide as much assistance as possible to young people, parents, and schools if we hope to save our nation and our world.


This is indeed a “Rescue Mission”, and Thrust of Light is one instrument dedicated to God and used in the service of helping His Sons & Daughters around the globe. It may sound over-dramatic to some people, perhaps, to say that the Mission is focused on the “Saving of Souls”. Yet, that is precisely the need of the hour! It is the humble hope that Thrust of Light can play its role successfully in the Grand Drama that is taking place. With Love and Perseverance, the mindset will always remain – “To Man be the Victory; to God be the Glory!”   

Diagram (2020) – The Price of Heroism

Letter to the Editor (2020) – Responding to the Former Mayor

Diagram (2020) – Three Levels of Spiritual Warfare

Essay (2020) – Nationally Televised Debates

Essay (2020) – Learning from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Story (2019) – Three Couples Searching for Hope

Poem (2015) – A Servant of All

Essay (2013) – I Am NOT a “Domestic Terrorist”.

Open Letter (2011) – Tim Tebow and the U.S. Culture

“Future Leader’s Address” (2010) – A speech later published in the 2011 book

Inaugural Address (2009) – A speech later published in the 2011 book

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