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Thrust of Light may offer more services around the world as time goes on and people continue expressing their heartfelt desire to learn powerful ideas that can create incredible changes in their lives. For now, there are a number of exciting services that are being offered and can be viewed in the dropdown list for this tab.


There are Special Presentations ready to be delivered for parents, high school students, and university students. It is NOT intended to “boast”, but rather to simply tell the truth, about how these presentations can literally change people’s lives in amazing ways. In fact, it would be “false humility” and counterproductive to downplay the important messages they each contain. Regardless of race, gender, religion, beliefs, etc., EVERYONE would benefit in some way from hearing such presentations, for they are designed to share information that is Practical, Simple, Timeless, & Universal.

* * * If invited, presentations can be delivered in ANY town, city, state, territory, or nation throughout the world! * * *


Examples: High Schools, Universities, Youth Detention Centers, Prisons, Orphanages,

Homeless Shelters, Groups, Clubs, Organizations, Forums, Seminars, Conferences, etc.   

At this stage, there are two Special Training Programs for young people that can be delivered and are explained in greater detail on their own page in the dropdown list. Every young person on Earth would be affected in unbelievable ways through such programs, and even trying to express that in mere words right now is impossible!   


Another Special Presentation / Training Program for parents is also offered for those around the world interested in becoming the best parents they can be. The ideas shared are so exciting; they are a wonderful combination of strategies for daily life as well as the inclusion of practical spirituality within the entire sacred process of raising children. People who do not have children will definitely want them after going through this program, and those who already do have children will want more! Workshops / Seminars can be delivered throughout the world to any groups of people interested in hearing such life-changing ideas.


Thrust of Light is also dedicated to the building of Schools of Excellence in nations across the globe. There are many people who already have a school but would like ideas of how to make them better. There are also people who want to start news schools completely. A very important service being offered is to go ANYWHERE to help people build incredible schools so that their children (and future generations) will receive a True Education which they cannot receive anywhere else.    

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