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What is Thrust of Light?

It is a Sacred Activity that challenges the Darkness and brings forth more Light.

  • Helps to overcome our enemies, enlighten the world, and bring joy by sowing Light for the righteous (Psalm 97:3-4 & 11)

  • Exposes and “wrestles” with everyone / everything that is not God’s Will for Man (Ephesians 6:12 and Matthew 8:12) 

  • Helps to separate the tares from the wheat (Matthew 13:30)

  • Defends the Woman and Her Seed (Revelation 12)

  • Helps to prepare for the Great Harvest of the fully ripened grapes from the vine of the Earth (Revelation 14)

  • Helps to prepare for the descent of the Holy City, the “New Jerusalem”, within and without – and to enter through the 12 Gates (Revelation 21)


It is dedicated to the Reformation of Civilization that leads to world freedom and soul liberation. It helps in teaching Man about His origin in God and to understand that God is in ALL – without God, there is nothing. It helps in guiding Man into a greater awareness of His True Self. It provides a Path of Life that can help to transform the “human” into the “divine” and for Man to become the Great Being that God envisioned in The Beginning. It helps in bringing Heaven to Earth by returning to the Original State of Purity, Wholeness, and Harmony once known in the Garden of Eden before “The Fall of Man”. It helps in establishing a “New Golden Age” for Man and the Earth – an Age of Magnificence. It helps in maintaining strength and humility by remembering that “To Man be the Victory; to God be the Glory!”

It is all taking place through a peaceful Revolution in Education. This includes powerful ideas for building “Schools of Excellence”, for implementing the “Sacred Science of Parenting”, and for liberating the youth of the world from Unreality. It hopes to Illumine, Inspire, and Empower young people to BE their Higher Selves and to become the Future Leaders that the world needs. It focuses on helping people to help themselves in the “Great Work of Self-Perfectionment” and for them to then help others, animals, and the Earth in Selfless Service to Life. It encourages the study and emulation of the Saints and Sages of East and West. It strives to help spiritualize every aspect of society, to encourage the building of Noble Characters, to establish a Moral Renaissance, and to assist in the development of one’s unique gifts in order to share them with the world.

It is based upon reverence for God Almighty, the Creator of ALL, and gratitude for the Two Greatest Gifts given to Man: Life and Free Will. It supports the values, principles, and ideas that are in alignment with God’s Will for mankind – those which must be the foundation of any nation that truly desires to be Peaceful, Prosperous, Righteous, and Free:

  • Devotion to God

  • Universal Moral Principles

  • Individuality

  • Disciplined Freedom

  • Personal Responsibility 

  • Independence & Self-Sufficiency

  • Private Property

  • Selfless Service to Life

  • Strong & Loving Families

  • True Education for the “Complete Person”

  • Patriotism – Love of Country

  • True Community – voluntary Unity while maintaining Individuality  

  • National Sovereignty

  • Secure Borders

  • Legal Immigration

  • Law & Order

  • Limited Government – more power for The People

  • Representation in Government for ALL of The People

  • Strong Military for Self-Defense & for Defending Others  

  • Fair & Impartial Justice System

  • Fair & Trustworthy Elections – at the Local, State, & Federal Levels

  • Free Market Economy & True Competition

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Free & Fair Trade

  • Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Small Businesses

  • Energy Independence

  • Defense of Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness – starting at Conception

  • Guaranteed Inalienable Rights, such as Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, & Assembly 

  • Citizens’ Right to Keep & Bear Arms

  • Respect & Care for the Environment

  • Clean Air, Water, & Soil

  • Humane Treatment of Animals

  • Culture of Beauty, Purity, & Perfection


It has a powerful message of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Joy. It follows an original concept developed by Thrust of Light called the “PSTU Standard” – ideas that are Practical, Simple, Timeless, and Universal.

Is it Practical?

Something that is truthful, useful, and relatively easy to apply in daily life – regardless of outer circumstances.

Is it Simple?

Something that is truthful, useful, and relatively easy to understand while creating a foundation for greater understanding to occur – regardless of outer circumstances.

Is it Timeless?

Something that would have been truthful and useful in the past, is truthful and useful in the present, and will be truthful and useful in the future – regardless of changes that take place among people, nations, and society over time.

Is it Universal?

Something that would be truthful and useful in any village, town, city, state, territory, or nation around the world – regardless of belief system, class, gender, or race.

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